Larry Walangitan, web developer

I’m a web developer in Chicago building content driven applications using Drupal.

I am a drupal developer at Chromatic, building and maintaining custom content management solutions using Drupal for enterprise clients. I write and maintain custom modules in PHP, transform designs into custom themes and contribute patches for Drupal.

Drupal, PHP, MySQL, Ruby, PostgreSQL, ES6, Javascript, CSS, HTML, Git


I was a web developer at Rapid Development Group, building and maintaining custom applications for startup and enterprise clients. I wrote and maintained custom modules and themes for Drupal.

PHP, MySQL, Javascript, CSS, HTML, Git


I was an instructor for the Basic HTML and CSS course at The Factory in the coLearning program, teaching beginners HTML and CSS in partnership with Team Treehouse.



I was a freelance developer/designer that helped Wolfer Productions and Manventist launch their and maintain their content driven applications using Drupal.

PHP, MySQL, Linux, Apache, CSS, HTML